Family-Owned Food Distributor Automates Its Local Payroll Tax Determinations

Company Profile
This large family-owned food distributor serves restaurants, healthcare facilities, and schools. The company has grown to become the largest family-operated food distribution organization in North America and has been in business since 1897. The company has over 20,000 employees and operates in numerous states.

The client needed a way to automate their local payroll tax assignment process since moving to a new payroll system.

They were a former Business Software, Inc. (BSI) customer for years and recognized that as they moved to a new system, BSI would have the tax assignment solution that could meet their needs.
With many employees across the U.S., the client realized that assigning and managing local payroll taxes manually would be a time-consuming and error-prone process. The company was continuing to grow, so it was especially important that they implemented an automated solution. Managing local payroll taxes and staying current with tax changes on their own would present a challenge, particularly because of the company’s significant employee turnover.

Based on the client’s concerns, BSI demonstrated how TaxProfileFactory™ would meet their requirements.
“We needed someone to help take care of our local taxes,” said the Director of Payroll. “When we moved to our new payroll software, we realized the new system did not have an automated way to do locals. As we continue to grow our business and hire more staff, a manual process would have created great stress for our payroll team.”

TaxProfileFactory automatically determines and provides required withholding forms for employees. Any regulatory changes in the forms across the U.S. are also managed by BSI.

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