Global Fashion Company Automates Its Local Payroll Tax Determinations

Company Profile

This Business Software, Inc. (BSI) client is a multi-billion-dollar fashion and apparel company with operations in 41 countries. The client’s brands include many well-recognized names, and they operate in virtually all states in the U.S., with close to 20,000 employees.


The client contacted BSI seeking a way to automate their local payroll tax assignment process.

They were a former BSI customer for 15 years and recognized that as they moved to a new payroll system, BSI would have the solution that could meet their requirements.

With many employees across the U.S., this corporation understood that assigning and managing local payroll taxes manually would be a time-consuming and error-prone process. The client was continuing to grow and expand its business, so it was very important that they implemented an automated solution.

Some specific challenges:

  • Their Go-Live date with their new payroll was imminent when the company realized they did not have an automated process in their payroll system to assign and manage local payroll taxes.
  • A manual process for assigning and managing local payroll taxes would put a tremendous burden on the client’s payroll staff.
  • The client was growing and hiring new employees. New hires, combined with attrition, created a situation where they needed to automate their local payroll tax process.
  • Seeing the complex local taxes in their corporate office in New York, and in all the states with locals, especially in Pennsylvania, they felt added pressure on their payroll department to find a solution.


Based on the challenges communicated by the client, BSI demonstrated how our TaxProfileFactory™ solution would meet their requirements.

“We were in a state of panic when we realized that our payroll solution would not automate our local payroll taxes,” said the client’s Payroll Manager. “Before we moved to our current payroll gross-to-net engine, we used a BSI solution, and we knew BSI could handle it.”

She further explained: “We could not go backwards to a manual process, because it would put a tremendous burden on our payroll staff, not to mention the potential errors. We were also continuing to grow and hire, so an automated solution was a must.”

Using TaxProfileFactory, this organization could finally automate their local payroll tax determination.

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