Growing Supercenter Chain Simplifies Its Payroll Tax Onboarding

Company Profile

This BSI client is an American supercenter chain with over 250 grocery and general merchandise stores located throughout the Midwest. The company has roughly 120,000 employees, with turnover rate of nearly 50%, which includes new hires, hourly and seasonal workers.


When this client reached out to BSI, they were seeking a tax profile solution and had already seen a presentation from a competing vendor. However, based on some doubts they had about the competing vendor’s ability to deliver local tax validation, they asked to learn more about BSI’s TaxProfileFactory™ solution. Their goal was to purchase the best tax profile solution available to help them with the challenges in their payroll tax onboarding and W-4 process.

These were some of the challenges:

  • An exorbitant amount of hours was spent by their staff in researching, reviewing, validating, and setting up payroll tax profiles for new employees. The client was expanding their business and hiring 50,000 to 60,000 new employees per year. It was thus becoming increasingly difficult to manage all the new payroll tax assignments, for both employee and employer.
  • They had some specific challenges with courtesy taxes, especially with employees living in Indiana and working in Illinois.
  • There were local tax challenges in Ohio, where employees lived in a taxable municipality and worked in another taxable municipality, and the employees were responsible for paying the higher tax from the live addresses. This was difficult to manage with their manual processes and sometimes caused inaccuracies. The client wanted to have a solution that could handle these intricacies.


Based on the three challenges mentioned, this client put together seven different local tax scenarios and tasked BSI with showing them the results BSI would deliver. BSI demonstrated and explained the results to their scenarios. The customer also determined how much money they were spending in their internal payroll tax onboarding and W-4 administration process. This was the turning point at which they became convinced they needed to act quickly to start using TaxProfileFactory. Thanks to TaxProfileFactory, this client was able to streamline their payroll tax assignment process, as well as handle their specific payroll tax challenges.

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